• Post here your feedback, ideas, comments and feature requests (wish list) for the custom SVC powered Facebook Video Call:

  • Documentation and descriptions, how to install and upgrade SVC video chat. All questions related to installation and upgrade of the SVC video chat. If you encounter a problem while installing or your software stops working after an upgrade, post your message here.

  • All problems encountered while installing SVC

  • All problems related to SVC source code editing or compiling the video call application.

  • Posts related to SVC development, including modules, add-ons, new and existing features, layouts, designs, translations. Questions, new ideas and feature requests.

  • If you need any customization on CRC (JabberCam), post your questions and project details here. Try to include detailed description that will give a picture on the project and the compensation you offer. Try to be specific by including the programming language you are looking for (Flash/actionscript, PHP, Java or other).

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