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  • How to use App Store promo codes
    • open App Store app
    • tap on User Icon (top right corner)
    • tap "Redeem Gift Card or Code"
    • tap "You can also enter your code manually." (enter received code)
    • tap Redeem (top right corner)
    • the free app will show and will start downloading to your device
    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: I can’t live streaming through my Facebook Pages

    @syria this feature is currently restricted by Facebook, until apps are reviewed. Expected to be available again, by August 1.

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: Mute live Pro stream

    @kiên-tồ this is done, available in Live Pro and will be available in other apps too

    posted in Live Stream for iOS
  • RE: Mobile screen streaming on facebook

    @usama-hashmi Facebook only allows 720p for its live streaming platform about screencasting, we’ll allow it very soon, still trying to figure out how to avoid policy violations like streaming movies, music, copyrighted material.

    posted in Contact
  • RE: Does the app stop recording to the phone if a call comes in?

    @plegilink I’ll test this; the stream should resume with the latest API but this particular case has to be tested and confirmed

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: Scheduled YouTube Live Streams

    @rob-speakerscorneruk feature requests added to queue 👍

    posted in Ideas
  • Memoji on iPhone 8

    Memoji, Apple’s latest Animoji feature lets you create an Animoji of yourself. On iPhone X.

    While Animoji is getting a superior face-detection, it also gets updated with tongue detection, and the new ability to create custom Animojis that look like you, Memoji (me-moji).

    To create your Memoji on iPhone X

    • open Messages
    • select Animoji (the monkey face button)
    • select + to the left
    • create your Memoji
    • Save with Done and use your new Memoji 👩🏻


    Memoji and tongue detection is available with iOS 12 and iPhone X

    posted in Live Streaming Apps
  • RE: I enabled the AR feature, it went back to default

    @rohan are you using a phone prior to iPhone 6s?

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: It’s not letting me go live

    @paksalexa it looks like authentication failed with the network, are you trying to broadcast live to YouTube?

    posted in Tech Support
  • Safari SVG

    Open in browser (Safari Icon) for iOS/Xcode

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "">
    <svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 47 47" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xml:space="preserve" xmlns:serif="" style="fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;stroke-linejoin:round;stroke-miterlimit:1.41421;">
        <g transform="matrix(-1.01756,0,-0,1.01756,66.739,-19.2375)">
            <path d="M45.695,42L42.493,61.359L39.291,42L42.493,22.641L45.695,42ZM42.493,55.324L40.289,42L44.697,42L42.493,55.324Z" style="fill:rgb(13,122,255);"/>
        <g transform="matrix(1.01756,0,0,1.01756,-19.2375,-18.2173)">
            <path d="M42,18.071C54.654,18.071 64.927,28.344 64.927,40.997C64.927,53.651 54.654,63.924 42,63.924C29.346,63.924 19.073,53.651 19.073,40.997C19.073,28.344 29.346,18.071 42,18.071ZM42,19.964C53.609,19.964 63.034,29.389 63.034,40.997C63.034,52.606 53.609,62.031 42,62.031C30.391,62.031 20.966,52.606 20.966,40.997C20.966,29.389 30.391,19.964 42,19.964Z" style="fill:rgb(13,122,255);"/>
        <path d="M18.16,37.723L17.233,37.34L15.675,41.105L16.602,41.489L18.16,37.723ZM29.776,37.336L28.849,37.72L30.409,41.484L31.336,41.1L29.776,37.336ZM13.118,34.592L12.408,33.882L9.527,36.764L10.236,37.473L13.118,34.592ZM34.592,33.882L33.882,34.592L36.764,37.473L37.473,36.764L34.592,33.882ZM5.516,30.409L5.9,31.336L9.664,29.776L9.28,28.849L5.516,30.409ZM37.723,28.84L37.34,29.767L41.105,31.325L41.489,30.398L37.723,28.84ZM4.241,22.998L4.241,24.002L8.316,24.002L8.316,22.998L4.241,22.998ZM38.684,22.998L38.684,24.002L42.759,24.002L42.759,22.998L38.684,22.998ZM5.895,15.675L5.511,16.602L9.277,18.16L9.66,17.233L5.895,15.675ZM37.336,17.224L37.72,18.151L41.484,16.591L41.1,15.664L37.336,17.224ZM10.236,9.527L9.527,10.236L12.408,13.118L13.118,12.408L10.236,9.527ZM37.473,10.236L36.764,9.527L33.882,12.408L34.592,13.118L37.473,10.236ZM16.591,5.516L15.664,5.9L17.224,9.664L18.151,9.28L16.591,5.516ZM31.325,5.895L30.398,5.511L28.84,9.277L29.767,9.66L31.325,5.895Z" style="fill:rgb(13,122,255);"/>


    posted in Development

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