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  • RE: It’s not letting me go live

    @paksalexa it looks like authentication failed with the network, are you trying to broadcast live to YouTube?

    posted in Tech Support
  • Safari SVG

    Open in browser (Safari Icon) for iOS/Xcode

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
    <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "">
    <svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 47 47" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xml:space="preserve" xmlns:serif="" style="fill-rule:evenodd;clip-rule:evenodd;stroke-linejoin:round;stroke-miterlimit:1.41421;">
        <g transform="matrix(-1.01756,0,-0,1.01756,66.739,-19.2375)">
            <path d="M45.695,42L42.493,61.359L39.291,42L42.493,22.641L45.695,42ZM42.493,55.324L40.289,42L44.697,42L42.493,55.324Z" style="fill:rgb(13,122,255);"/>
        <g transform="matrix(1.01756,0,0,1.01756,-19.2375,-18.2173)">
            <path d="M42,18.071C54.654,18.071 64.927,28.344 64.927,40.997C64.927,53.651 54.654,63.924 42,63.924C29.346,63.924 19.073,53.651 19.073,40.997C19.073,28.344 29.346,18.071 42,18.071ZM42,19.964C53.609,19.964 63.034,29.389 63.034,40.997C63.034,52.606 53.609,62.031 42,62.031C30.391,62.031 20.966,52.606 20.966,40.997C20.966,29.389 30.391,19.964 42,19.964Z" style="fill:rgb(13,122,255);"/>
        <path d="M18.16,37.723L17.233,37.34L15.675,41.105L16.602,41.489L18.16,37.723ZM29.776,37.336L28.849,37.72L30.409,41.484L31.336,41.1L29.776,37.336ZM13.118,34.592L12.408,33.882L9.527,36.764L10.236,37.473L13.118,34.592ZM34.592,33.882L33.882,34.592L36.764,37.473L37.473,36.764L34.592,33.882ZM5.516,30.409L5.9,31.336L9.664,29.776L9.28,28.849L5.516,30.409ZM37.723,28.84L37.34,29.767L41.105,31.325L41.489,30.398L37.723,28.84ZM4.241,22.998L4.241,24.002L8.316,24.002L8.316,22.998L4.241,22.998ZM38.684,22.998L38.684,24.002L42.759,24.002L42.759,22.998L38.684,22.998ZM5.895,15.675L5.511,16.602L9.277,18.16L9.66,17.233L5.895,15.675ZM37.336,17.224L37.72,18.151L41.484,16.591L41.1,15.664L37.336,17.224ZM10.236,9.527L9.527,10.236L12.408,13.118L13.118,12.408L10.236,9.527ZM37.473,10.236L36.764,9.527L33.882,12.408L34.592,13.118L37.473,10.236ZM16.591,5.516L15.664,5.9L17.224,9.664L18.151,9.28L16.591,5.516ZM31.325,5.895L30.398,5.511L28.84,9.277L29.767,9.66L31.325,5.895Z" style="fill:rgb(13,122,255);"/>


    posted in Development
  • RE: Can I add a PNG file to my livestream?

    @robert-amato this feature isn’t available however, we’re working on it, and will be part of Live Pro apps. Don’t hesitate to ask any feature that you would need or point out why would you pick the Live Stream Pro app vs Facebook app. We’re considering every suggestion.

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: I could find no option to stream via my Facebook sites

    @rbmhtech this option is available in Live Pro and Plus apps:


    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: Simulcast - simultaneous broadcast to multiple social networks

    @ottoniel-poveda the new update still waiting to be released

    posted in Ideas
  • RE: Does not want to broadcast to a business page

    @garkor this functionality is still to be approved by Facebook

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: I can’t make a live

    Hello @ointhalangsy !
    Thank you for your request. But this information is not enough to understand what the problem is. Please send me some more info like where does it stop, what's the screen you're on and screenshot maybe.
    Thank You

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: Unable to turn off ads

    @zigadlodan it’s a 🐞 working on a fix, will be added to next update. Thank you for the feedback!

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: Video image is blurry, I can’t remove the ads.

    @mat-ollig that upstream should be more than enough 🤔

    posted in Tech Support
  • RE: Video image is blurry, I can’t remove the ads.

    @mat-ollig at this point I can only suggest to wait a bit, I’ll send you a different version that’s being released in couple days, it’s basically a light version of Live Pro

    posted in Tech Support

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