Installing Govido (RVC 5+)

  • How can we fix it?? I have copied the script to the server and followed your instructions EXACTLY. I wonder maybe application is limited to be on one domain only, not subdomain/directory? I have provided my config file above. Please help.

  • The software does not have any limitation, it should work on any sub-domain or directory, multiple instances should run without problems. I ran a test on and the RVC runs fine without any problems.

    The buttons are blank because you removed the language files, for example:

  • The problem is that it says "Waiting for video signal" and nothing shows. I have opened two sessions, one in FF and one in Explore, so I should see my video streaming.

    As far as language file, it must be some security issue. . I see the file is on the server, but when I
    access it directly, it shows me "file not found" error:

    Please help us to resolve the issue with video streaming (not showing video) and I asked our hosting to look at file not found issue (buttons). Thanks

    OK, it is showing the video now. Any idea how I can connect to your network, so I have some users?

  • This is the last warning regarding your double posts!

  • Hey, I did not do any double post. I have edited the post and it added the same text below. Please check the functionality as something is not working properly here.:
    1. Post quick reply
    2. Click edit.
    Why would I want to make double post??

    It just did it again above. All I did was to clik Post Reply. I am using IE9 in Windows. Maybe the code is not working properly

  • OK, the buttons are working now. I think you are using http:// path instead of local path. The .ini files were blocked on IIS Server, but I have added to MIME types. I suggest you should change the path to a local file path instead of www resource…

    I am using FF browser now, but please fix your forum, so it does not generate duplicate posts when using IE9


  • I will take a look when I get to a Windows PC to see if it happens with IE9 (it never happened before). Thanks!

  • I did exactly everything on the manual and my app (the flash) wont load… no error msg no anything...
    what did i miss?

  • Rename/copy JabberCam.swf to JabberCam_h.swf or vice-versa.

  • perfect! thanks!

  • Hi, I downloaded the latest version of RVC 5.9
    I was wondering if I still need to get a developer key to setup the stratus connection,
    or this version uses connection to CIRRUS, which should be already set.

  • With RVC a developer key is needed. Please refer to README.txt


    • Red5 support is not included, in order to use Red5, you must be familiar with the description below and you must have a hosting service ready to host Red5 applications (Red5 hosting or you must install Red5 on your Server/VPS). Ask help from your web-host administrator with creating the rtmp link (adding ChatrouletteApp to Red5)

    • Download the MySQL jdbc driver from (mysql-connector-java-x.x.x-bin) and place it under /ChatrouletteApp/WEB-INF/lib/ or red5/lib directory on your server.

    • edit /ChatrouletteApp/WEB-INF/ and fill in your database details

    • deploy the application (/Red5_serverapp/deploy_app/ChatrouletteApp) to your webapp folder and restart Red5

    • edit /jabbercam/config.php and insert your RTMP link ($RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://localhost/ChatrouletteApp'

      • Change $SERVER_TYPE to Red5 ($SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5'; // 'Red5' | 'Stratus')
    • read our description and forum about installing Red5 and common issues, troubleshooting:

    • please DO NOT contact us with Red5 support requests! If Red5 is configured properly, you don't need anything else, but the above. Installing Red5 (and understanding the configuration) might be difficult, please consult with your web hosting support.

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