How to Livestream on YouTube

  • How to Go Live on YouTube?

    To stream live on YouTube, you must have a verified YouTube account, a YouTube channel and you must be enabled for live streaming. Click on the links below to read about creating a YouTube account or a new YouTube channel. Read on to get your account verified and enable live streaming.

    1. Create a YouTube Account
    2. Create a YouTube Channel
    3. Enable YouTube Live (read below)

    How to enable YouTube Live

    Before you start live streaming for the first time, you have to enable your channel for YouTube Live. It's a very simple and straightforward process to verify your account by receiving a text message (SMS):

    *it's recommended to follow these steps on your computer.
    *the Live for YouTube app will notify you, prompting to Enable YouTube LIVE:


    On your desktop computer, go to Live Dasboard:

    *if using YouTube Creator Studio, go to Live Streaming and select Get Started (you can also click on the image below)


    You’ll be asked to verify your account by phone (you can also verify your account by going to; a mobile phone number is required for account verification, so you can receive a verification code via call or text message (SMS):



    Once you've verified your account, your YouTube account will be enabled for live streaming:



    To go live, Live for YouTube lets you stream live from the mobile app. In case you’re looking to stream live to Facebook and YouTube from the same app, Live Pro is recommended.

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