If you have access to the Chatroulette Clone Download Center and downloaded Chatroulette Clone 3.8, by extracting the archive, you'll find three files: CRC_Release_3.8.zip ChatrouletteClone.zip LICENSE.pdf The first file contains the compiled CRC 3.8, ready to be uploaded to your server (please read README.txt and INSTALL.txt located in the /doc folder). If you unzip CRC_Release_3.8.zip and upload the files to your server, your CRC website will be ready to run. To change the links, simply edit /jabbercam/language/lang_en.xml (and any other language file) and change the following: <facebooklink>http://facebook.com/JabberCam</facebooklink> <twitterlink>http://twitter.com/JabberCam</twitterlink> <myspacelink>http://myspace.com/JabberCam</myspacelink> -and any other link you wish. After editing the links, you must upload the edited files to your server and !RELOAD your browser's cache (Shift+Reload in Firefox or Tools>>Clear Recent History > Cache) To edit the source codes, you must use the second archive (ChatrouletteClone.zip) and import it to Flex Builder 3. If the import gives you errors, unzip the archive and import it as a project folder. Do not upload source files to your server! Export a release build and upload files from the /bin-release folder.