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    How the New Coronavirus Spreads and Progresses

    The number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise, surpassing 4 million as this coronavirus tracker shows.

    The total number of cases is now at 4,290,410 with 2,458,682 cases still active. According to, 45 million people have been tested for the Coronavirus, at the time of writing this article, and once more tests are conducted the novel coronavirus infection numbers could rise.

    The US continues to have the biggest share of those, recording 18.502 new cases yesterday. The mortality rate in all the countries is trending downwards however, as lockdowns are eased in some capacity across the world, some fear we could see the numbers climb back up.



    In late December 2019, the world recorded the first case of what would rise to be a global pandemic, in Wuhan China. It is common knowledge, the great impact the coronavirus (COVID 19) has on the world as a whole. According to WHO, at least a case has been recorded in over 213 countries. And as of 14th May 2020, the CNN reported a total of 4,364,172 cases and 297,491 cases globally.

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