Garry’s mod PS5

  • Thank about gaming experience
    That talk you to the next level of game
    Like assassins creed farcry rockstar games
    Blood borne and more
    If Garry’s mod was a ps4 game it will take 2 years of development because of mods engine for for it RoBoblox s is a site saver like Minecraft It will make Garry’s mod fun on ps4 Xbox its all really on Mac pc but what it comes to the ps5 it will work on it just like robobloxs
    Make Garry’s mod sever site instead of getting off steam this not happening but it’s out there Garry’s mod is popular software in gaming history bring it to ps5 will be your best friend like the ps4 but it’s not a not a game that will work for the ps5 the ps5 is on it’s way this year at the end of of this year am so excited for it
    Love Garry’s mod a lot but there a problem
    It’s my idea Garry’s mod come out in 2015 it’s still standing getting updates every year when it was just a sandbox call gmod tower
    When it come out a full release software on steam am asking if you make Garry’s happen on the PlayStation5 It’s not that developer makes things it’s what your mind that bring it to life you see it in the game I like Garry’s mod will be fun on a the PlayStation 5 a change risk to try it from fine out it needs of data but to make the mods skins weapons work so like steam it s off steam and put on a site it’ will be www Garry’s mod if you don’t like my ideas
    Minecraft is own by windows Garry’s mod will be PlayStation/ps5 I have software ideas gmod studios for the development page
    What do you think Garry’s mod is just on Mac and pc or you are put on the ps5

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