Site Stuck

  • It asks for username and once we enter username… site gets stuck.. its a problem with as well.

    Hope you guys fix it and update the app.


  • Hi ,

    same situation

  • Hi,
    This is because the new system, it doesn't tolerate some misconfiguration any more. Most likely causes:
    1. wrong $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "WEB_SERVICE_URL/jabbercam/functions.php";
    2. Red5 not connecting to database
    3. Red5 rtmp down

    To find the problem by eliminating causes:
    1. switch to Stratus and test, if it works, #1 out.
    2. switch to our public rtmp (4.0 works with the old ones too) if it works, #3 out and #2 is the problem

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