Garry’s mod PlayStation download

  • Garry’s mod runs not the great it crashes every time you download a mod npc skin maps weapons gameplay if it does on the PlayStation 5 will it will break the PlayStation a strong storage or something to make everyone feel a good it’s won’t crashes the game Garry’s mod is one of complex game that make your computer crashes every few time with the PlayStation 5 HBMI cable storage
    Garry’s mod needs more storage
    Its running 30 FPS for the mods
    FPS needs a lot of work it been out for 5 months it needs to be fix bugs is Garry’s mod problems
    You are putting 2000 of mods that the game can’t handle it and it crashes per mod weapon and npc That will break your pc mod is
    PlayStation mods PlayStation npc
    PlayStation maps PlayStation dupes
    PlayStation skins PlayStation tools
    That is a lot of stuff for Garry’s mod
    You have 6 calories in Garry’s mod

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