Importing Flex Project into Adobe Flash Builder 4

  • As I noticed some posts about troubles importing the Flex project into Adobe Flash Builder 4, I decided to open this thread. You will also get rid of those error messages in Adobe Flash Builder 4 (around 20-30).

    1- Download and Install Adobe Flash Builder 4 from Adobe. Choose 60-days trial when installing.

    2- Unzip '' (which is in your 'ChatRouletteClone_x_x_zip' file) to any location on your hard drive

    3- Launch Adobe Flash Builder 4 program

    4- Go to: File > Import Flex Project (FXP) –- Choose 'Project Folder' and hit Browse. Choose the Folder where you unzipped your '' (i.e. D: hard-drive, 'Flex_Project' --- Hit 'Finish'

    5- On the upper left corner of Adobe Flash Builder 4, in the Package Explorer view, click 'Flex_Project' once, then choose: File > Properties from menu above.

    6- You'll see Resource, Builders, Data Model...... Click on 'Flex Compiler'

    7- Choose: Use a specific SDK > Flex 3.5
    Then choose 'Use a specific version' and fill in 10.0.0
    Hit OK.

    8- Still seeing Problems? Just wait a few seconds... Adobe Flash Builder 4 is working, and you'll see that on the bottom right corner telling: 'Building workspace'!!.... After a few seconds: Voila! all problems disappear.. You can now work on the project and export it without any problems.

    Well.. and good luck! You have just started :-)
    You can try self-learning the software, and/or you can watch those video tutorials on Adobe website to learn the basics: .. and continue on Day 2, 3, 4, 5

  • I purchased version 3.5 and I'm unable to locate ANY '' or ANY files with .fxp (which is in your 'ChatRouletteClone_x_x_zip' file) …

    It seems all the folders I have are:

  • Hello offblast..


    This is the folder you need. Just copy those files to a safe folder on your hard-drive (i.e. create a folder called 'works', or whatever)

    Then follow step 4 above -- on Adobe Flash Builder. Simply choose 'Project Folder' and browse to that location (choose 'works' folder). Don't get confused with 'fxp' there. THere is no .fxp file in the file you downloaded. You just tell Adobe Flash Builder that where your files are. It doesn't have to be in .fxp format.

    When you once set this location and import files, then you can always save the project in an .fxp format on your hard-drive as a backup.

    Don't get confused by what Flash Builder says at that point: Import Flex Project (FXP)
    You can import from a folder, and you already have it.

  • Thanks for replying so promptly.

    So I created a folder named 'works' and copied the 8 files to it (located on desktop). But when I click on 'import flex project' then choose the folder 'works' it says 'A project with the same name already exists in your workspace. Rename or delete the existing project.'

    I tried renaming, deleting but continue getting the same error message…. I only have two days of trial left on FB4!!

    I'm going to exploooooode lol

  • OK..

    1- Find the '.project' file. Double click to open. Windows will give the warning that it cannot open the file. Choose 'select a program from a list of installed programs'. Choose whether notepad or wordpad. You may want to UNcheck the box below, so notepad doesn't become the default program to open this kind of file.

    2- Change this line <name>ChatRouletteClone</name>
    to something else, or do this on the .project file in the other folder. You may have 2 projects with the same name.

  • I followed all the directions… However, I'm getting this error message from FB4 -> " an unknown item is declared as the root of your mxml document. Switch to source mode to correct it"

    All I did was simply change the line you told me to ---> 2- Change this line <name>ChatRouletteClone</name>

    I changed it to "<name>villa</name> ". And it worked... kind of. But after I hit finish... it loads the workspace... but says "an unknown item is declared as the root of your .mxml document. Switch to source mode to correct it"

    I haven't added/deleted any filters... yet.

    JC suggested WHEN I get to adding/deleting filters I change the corresponding file in the .as folder.

    I'm not sure where that folder is yet.

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