Why my HP Envy 4520 printer cannot connect to the Mac?

  • HP Envy series is one of the compact printers, making it suitable for compact spaces and quick printouts. However, if your HP Envy 4520 printer can’t connect with the Mac, then you will have to take specific measures. The problem might occur during a recent software update to the new release. If you have also upgraded the OS, then uninstall and reinstall the Mac to fix the problem. You can also add the printer by following some simple steps.

    · Firstly, you will have to click the Apple menu and then select System Preferences.

    · Head over to the Printer and Scanner or any related options.

    · Now right-click anywhere on white space, and choose Reset printing system.

    · Further, click Reset and then enter the administrator username and password.

    · Click Ok to confirm.

    · Once the printing system resets, you will not see any printer on the list.

    · Now restart your Mac, go to System Preferences, and then choose Printer and Scanner.

    · Now click Add printer.

    · The Envy 4520 name will flash on the Mac, choose the printer, and click Add.

    Use these steps, and your printer will connect to your Mac.

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