Removing links and ads in Govido/RVC

  • How to remove links?
    To change the links (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, etc.) in JabberCam is pretty simple, just edit /jabbercam/language/lang_en.xml (will be replaced with a different format) and change these lines:


    *commercial version only

    To remove the other links like the one that leads to you must edit (Flex/Flash Builder needed) the source code and compile a new relelease-build.

    You'll find the related link(s) in JabberCam_?.mxml

    How to remove ads?
    To remove or change the video ad that appears in the partner window, simply delete (change) the .swf video located under /jabbercam/media/video/blankscreen

    To remove or change the Ad banners, edit index.html (vertical.html, horizontal.html) and search for the following DIVs:


    *edit/remove the code inside the divs

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