No partner video

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    I was having a problem with getting the partner video to show up in the application. Its just a blank screen. I've tried testing it between 3 different terminals and all the Cams work fine on the terminals themselves. In some cases the audio works, but no video. I'm running RED5. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what could be happening?


  • Hi, try clearing the corresponding MySQL database before connecting. If that helps, please get back with the version number.

  • I have the same issue. Partner video is not showing up when run on Red5 even though the connection is a success. When switched to Stratus it works fine. Again on red5 at times user preference name goes null on DB :-/ (Very weird ) . I am using version 3.8. Any help would be really appreciated.

  • We also realized appearance of "phantom users", most likely caused by an error when deleting the session ID or similar (?). Strange, the number doesn't go higher with time. Usually there are 1-5 of these stuck IDs. Until now we couldn't find the reason, and since the same thing doesn't happen with Stratus, it may be something at handling the database when using Red5.
    Since there is no sign of any error in the software (same works fine with Stratus), we will include a workaround for this issue in version 4.1 that will delete old sessions (and a user list in 4.x to obtain more info about users and IDs in real time instead of checking the database).

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