Some basic and frequently asked editing

  • In most cases you will have to re-compile JabberCam to change different details like the logo and some filters.
    First, download Adobe Flash Builder ( ) and import the JabberCam project (.fxp) into Adobe Flash Builder. In case you wish to import a Flex project into FB4, follow these instructions:

    In Flash Builder click on "JabberCam" (left pane) and you'll see the whole project. Click "src" than "(default package)":
    JabberCam_v.mxml - the vertical layout
    JabberCam_h.mxml - the horizontal layout - the actionscript

    Double-click on JabberCam_v.mxml and you'll se the design on the right (if you see the source code, not the design, click on "Design"). Select the option you would like to change and click "Source". Make your desired changes and save the project. You can make changes in "Design" mode too, by dragging and dropping, editing or resizing elements.

    After you made your changes, click on File>>Export>>Release Build… and create your own build. The new build will be placed in a folder called /bin-release.
    Upload the newly created .swf files to your server (overwrite old ones). Note, you have to build the horizontal and vertical layout separately if you modified both, you need to build two times.

    Change the logo
    Go to /assets and change or replace logo.png than rebuild Jabbercam
    Alternatively, you can edit this line in the source:
    Removing filters and options
    Select the filter you wish to remove, click "Source" and add the following to the respective filter: visible="false" width="0" height="0"

    For example, hiding the age selector:

    <local:ageselector id="age" change="onAgeChange()" livedragging="false" showdatatip="false" labeloffset="-6" width="110"></local:ageselector>

    should be:

    <local:ageselector id="age" change="onAgeChange()" livedragging="false" showdatatip="false" labeloffset="-6" width="0" height="0" visible="false"></local:ageselector>

    Creating your own filters
    In JabberCam (v 4.0+) you have the option to create two custom filters, without any programming knowledge. The filters you see on the demo (Location: Paris/London and Looking for Dating/Just Talk) are completely customizable by editing config.php:

    $CUSTOM_FILTER_1_LABEL = "Location";
    $CUSTOM_FILTER_1 = array("paris"=>"Paris", "london"=>"London");
    $CUSTOM_FITLER_2_LABEL = "Looking for";
    $CUSTOM_FILTER_2 = array("dating"=>"Dating", "justtalk"=>"Just Talk");

    *enable/disable the filter and edit/change the labels, options

    Changing the default layout
    JabberCam (4.x) starts with the vertical layout by default. If you need to use the horizontal layout at start, simply delete index.html (index.php) and create a new index.html by copying horizontal.html.

    If you don't need the other layout, edit the source and hide the VERTICAL button:* same thing in vertical layout by hiding the horizontal image-button.

    Changing the links
    Most of the links (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) you can change by editing /jabbercam/language/lang_en.xml and changing the social links:


    Other links are located in the source. You can either hide them (as described above) or change the ink by editing

    Changing the background color
    Most users would like to change the blue background. In most cases white is preferred to blend into an existing website. To do so, simply change/edit the BgImage1.jpg located at /jabbercam/images. Change it to a white image.

    Now you'll have a white background, to change the rest of the background, edit the stylesheet.css file located under /jabbercam.

    For further style changes, you need to edit the style.css file located in the /assets folder using Flash Bulder and rebuild JabberCam.

    Removing ads or adding your own
    Edit horizontal.html or vertical.html (or index.html) and locate the following part:
    *change the part between <script…< strong="">and with your own code. Do the same atand</script…<>

  • I purchased version 3.5 and I'm unable to locate ANY '' or ANY files with .fxp (which is in your 'ChatRouletteClone_x_x_zip' file) …

    It seems all the folders I have are:

  • In versions prior to 4.0, you have to use the contents of (the first block). is the precompiled (turnkey) software. To import version 3.5 into Adobe Flash Builder, follow these instructions:

  • I followed all the directions… However, I'm getting this error message from FB4 -> " an unknown item is declared as the root of your mxml document. Switch to source mode to correct it"

    what shall I do? How do I correct it?

  • Find the line, where the unknown item is declared. Most likely you deleted (or added) something in the .mxml and you forgot to make the corresponding changes in the .as file. If you delete a filter, you should remove the corresponding values in the action script too. If you don't know how to remove, do not delete filters, hide them (visible="false"). Same thing if you add elements…

  • .as file meaning .actionScriptProperties??

    Could you give me an example of how to change a filter from "I am seeking {girl} {boy} to I am seeking {Barber} {Stylist} for example.

  • if I upgrade to the latest version… will it be much easier to edit and add/delete filters in adobe? Or will it be the same difficulty as version 3.5?

  • Editing with Adobe Flash Builder is the same, no matter the version.

  • When I open the file and ctrlA to get everything in the Builder programme I dont have anything in the left pane. How do you import it correct?

    Do I press open file and go to the whole map and ctrlA everything?
    Do I go to File-import-?

    how do I import this and will there be info at the left pane?

  • If you are using a version prior to 4.1 (for example v3.0) or an Adobe Flex 3 project, use this method:

    • other versions should work just fine

  • I have RVC_Release_5.1 and flashbuilder 4.1

    how do I put this map in the flashbuilder

    Can it be explained step by step as has been done in teh link you just sent me

    Must i put the whole map in it or only the jabbercam map

  • If you have 5.1, you don't need to follow the instructions to import a Flex 3 project into Flash Builder 4,
    just open Adobe Flash Builder and click on "File">>"Import Flex Project (FXP)…">>"Browse" locate 5.1.fxp on your PC and press "Finish". Your project should load into Adobe Flash Builder and you should see 5.1 or RVC5.1 in the "Package Explorer".

    Click on "src" and then "(default package)" to access the files

  • WHen I followed the steps and I click on export build I get this error

    See details for more information.
    Encountered errors or warnings while building project JabberCam.mxml.
    JabberCam.mxml: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: MapEvent.

  • Hello JabberCam,

    I have almost finished to customize my chat for now.

    But sometimes 1) it gives an error " HTTP error: HTTP request error"

    and but also, 2) some people don't hear me? why is that?

    At the end, 3) could you look at into my server and see whether are all configurations correct and will work fine?

    Because I will advertise my chat for public since tomorrow, I will spend money that is not small for me. So please could you take a look at my server?

    After you installed me these chats first time, I completely deleted all of them, reinstalled and moved directories several times, So I'm being skeptical for proper functioning of my chat.


  • Sorry, we do not provide on-site support after installation. Thanks for understanding.

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