Red 5/ChatrouletteApp compatability matrix?

  • Hi, I'm a new user, and I've successfully installed Red5 version 0.8 and 0.9.1 for testing purposes - and installed the ChatrouletteApp from per instructions under both of them.

    Under 0.9.1 the application does not appear in the Admin console. In 0.8.0, it does appear, and appears to receive messages when I attempt to connect using the CRC 4.0 client I just purchased, but the client still hangs on connection to the server. The demos/port_tester.html tool under my 0.8.0 install shows the same "SUCCESS" port results as when I point it at the jabbercam test server. In addition, I noticed the tomcat dbcp error mentioned in other spots on this forum, and have copied the tomcat-dbcp-6.0.18.jar from the admin tool and and commons-dbcp-1.4.jar from the apache project into into the <red5 install="" dir="">/lib directory. (instructions from this list )

    On connection from the CRC client, the <red5 install="" dir="">/log/error.log file always shows (the 'aaabbb' string below is a test user name entered into the client):

    2010-08-13 19:22:11,347 [NioProcessor-1] ERROR o.r.server.service.ServiceInvoker - Method checkUsernameAvailable with parameters [aaabbb] not found in com.chatroulette_clone.ChatrouletteApp@c4c7e10

    the result: the client hangs.

    As an aide to debugging, is there a matrix of CRC client/ChatrouletteApp/Red5 versions so I know I'm starting from the right point? Also, is the error message above a red herring, or am I on the right track? Do CharouletteApp and the JabberCam client need to share the same database instance?

    Thanks in advance for your time and attention.</red5></red5>

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