Red5 errors … HELP

  • Hello, we try to start your script on our server RED5.

    In server broad gulls red5 errors register:

    2010-08-20 16:43:11,686 [NioProcessor-1] DEBUG org.red5.server.Server - [Server@549ad840map['localhost/loadtest' -> 'default', 'localhost/SOSam
    ple' -> 'default', '' -> 'default', '/' -> 'default', 'localhost:8088/SOSample' -> 'default', 'localhost:5080/installer'
    -> 'default', '' -> 'default', 'localhost/' -> 'default', '/SOSample' -> 'default', 'localhost/installer' -> 'default', '127.0.
    0.1:8088/SOSample' -> 'default', 'localhost:5080/' -> 'default', '/oflaDemo' -> 'default', 'localhost:8088/oflaDemo' -> 'default', '/echo' -> '
    default', 'localhost/oflaDemo' -> 'default', 'localhost:5080/loadtest' -> 'default']]
    2010-08-20 16:43:11,686 [NioProcessor-1] DEBUG org.red5.server.Server - Check host and path:
    2010-08-20 16:43:11,686 [NioProcessor-1] DEBUG org.red5.server.Server - Check wildcard host with path: /ChatrouletteApp
    2010-08-20 16:43:11,687 [NioProcessor-1] DEBUG org.red5.server.Server - Check host with no path:
    2010-08-20 16:43:11,687 [NioProcessor-1] DEBUG org.red5.server.Server - Check default host, default path: /
    2010-08-20 16:43:11,687 [NioProcessor-1] DEBUG org.red5.server.Scope - Has child scope? ChatrouletteApp in [GlobalScope@1eb7d25 Depth = 0, Path
    = '', Name = 'default']


    We established all under instructions but the appendix doesn't want to be started. In what there can be a reason?

  • Did you get trough the steps with the database (.jar files and /etc/my.cfg)?

  • What files .jar and /etc/my.cfg?
    In yours of instructions it is not told anything about these files.
    Can be from server RED5 files. They are used at server installation?

  • Read the :Idea: CONNECTING TO MySQL section in this post:

  • There it is written about absence of a connection to base, instead of about absence of an applet in Scope appendix servers.

  • If you go trough the above description (CentOS, RedHat, cPanel), your Red5 server should work. If not, there is a missconfiguration or other server issue. Try turning off the firewall (CSF).

  • We bought your script 2 months ago, but still 3 admin can not configure RED5 so that your script worked! You can help us or not? All that you wrote does not help.

  • We cannot support you with configuring Red5. As you see most users were able to do so. If you follow the instructions ( ) a standard cPanel server should work. ports can be disallowed by CSF. The rest, you must figure it out.

  • We found a java developer, but he can not solve the problem: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up

    We bought you a script "Chatroulette Clone
    All-in-One ", but you do not want to install your script. It's normal you think?" Set your script, which can not install 2 programmers and 3 administrators. Moreover, we paid for it!

  • We install the script for everyone who is buying the All-in-One subscription at -nobody was complaining before. After you provide us an Adobe Stratus Developer Key, we install the script using Stratus and test it if it works fine. If you provide us a working Red5 rtmp, we also make the necessary changes in config.php and install the database for Red5 followed by testing the software on your server.

    In case your Red5 rtmp or your Red5 server is not working properly, that is not our responsibility. Red5 is a 3rd party software, supported by and not us. You cannot expect us to install or support Red5 for you. This is something you must do yourself (or with help from someone else).

    Still, we are doing our best to help everyone with a detailed description how to install Red5 on linux.
    Since CentOS (RedHat, cPanel) is the most popular distribution for shared and VPS servers, we provided a description for CentOS (cPanel, WHM, etc.):
    *if you have a different linux server, you can find descriptions using Google.

    Hundreds of visitors and CRC users were able to install Red5 based on our instructions, CRC users were also able to start their own Red5 powered chatroulette websites.
    If your Red5 rtmp is not working, it is not related with the JabberCam (CRC) software, we cannot and must not help you…

    What we recommend is first installing CRC using Stratus ( ) and test it if it works.

    After it works, edit config.php and change:
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus'
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5'
    than run the install task again (…/jabbercam/admin.php?task=install)
    *this will install the database for Red5 (assuming you created and set two databases in config.php)
    finally insert your Red5 rtmp:
    $RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://www. ... .com/ChatrouletteApp' (JabberCamApp for v. 4.0+)

    This should be all if your Red5 server and java application is set up correctly.

    If you cannot connect:
    1. check the " :idea: CONNECTING TO MySQL" section here:
    2. turn of the firewall (CSF - ConfigServer Firewall) and try again
    3. check if your server accepts connections on ports used by Red5

    (in case you have the all-in-one subscription and you didn't ask the remote installation before, send us the following details and I am sure your script will be installed asap - except Red5 -

    1. mysql skip-networking OFF
      disable this mode

    2. commons-dbcp-1.4.jar
      add this library in the folder lib of application

    3. and base. table - create a table with block fields ip and blocked
      String stmt = "SELECT true blocked FROM block WHERE ip = " "+ con.getRemoteAddress () +" \ "LIMIT 1";


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