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  • Hello…..

    Is there a way to auto-fill the Nickname popup box with a username from a MySQL database or a PHP session? In other words, when the user reaches the chat page and they see the nickname popup, can that be automatically filled with data from a PHP session activated on the page? I'd really like to figure out how to do that ASAP!


  • Yes, you need a previous login to your existing user database and than use that data instead of the login scree we provide. To turn of the CRC login screen, edit config.php and set login to false.

  • Would I set that up in Functions.php?

    The data is actually all in the same database on the server…it's just in different tables.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  • Turn the login screen off (config.php) and use your own login than modify functions.php after your needs.

  • Where in functions.php (what lines?) controls the username input? I believe it's 285. Is this correct?

  • This is not that simple, you need to have good knowledge of PHP you need to change the whole .php back-end to be used with your own login

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