Replace 16-25 age by 18-25

  • Hi complements about this clone, this looks like a very good application you have build, also you descriptions how to change and edit things in Flexbuilder are very good and was easy to do.

    I do have a question how to change a thing which is less easy :)

    Because mysite is an 18+ site

    a) i want to change the age-slider to 18-25 instead of 16-25, can i adept
    this myself somewhere?

    b) also after the age is set to 18-25, the actionline in the chat should be your age is 18-25, instead of
    your age is 16-25
    Can i adept this myself somewhere also.

  • Just edit config.php and find the following:

    $AGEFILTER_VALUES = array("Off", "16-25", "26-40", "41+");

  • super, thanks this was even easier :)

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