Removal of name jabbercam from index.html

  • Since i do not want to help my evil competitors :) i would like to
    make everything brandfree. This worked great in flexbuilder, but if you have a look at the index.html source, it is invested with the jabbercame name. :shy: I cut out as much as possible but still have the following jabbercam words which i would like to rename without causing functional or technical problemms.

    can i put the stylesheet in another folder and adapt the url?

    can i put this stylesheet in another folder and adapt the url?

    can i put the javascript in another folder and adapt the url?

    can i put the javascript in another folder and adapt the url?

    1. in AC_FL_RunContent
      a) "src", "jabbercam/playerProductInstall",
      b) "id", "JabberCam",
      c) "name", "JabberCam",

    2. in AC_FL_RunContent(
      a) "src", "JabberCam_v",
      b) "id", "JabberCam",
      c) "name", "JabberCam",

    3. In

    <noscript><br />a) <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" id="JabberCam" ….<br />b) <param name="movie" value="JabberCam_v.swf" /><br />c) <embed src="JabberCam_v.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000"<br />d) width="100%" height="621" name="JabberCam" (in the same line of code as c)<br /><br />So in total jabbercam is still mentioned 14 times. Is it possible to <br />get rid of them all, or is this gonna be a very difficult ? :huh:<br /><br />Best Regards<br />Fuma</noscript>

  • Just replace all instances of JabberCam with the name of your preference and it will work. Don't forget to do the changes in config.php and the fxp source (for some parts of the software)! Be aware, names are case sensitive!

  • hi mod thans for your answer but i do not understand this completely
    does this mean i have to search through all the files in the fxp source for the word jabbercam

    sorry for asking but i know this is a tricky one :)

  • Not all instances, only some, where you find a reference to the folder /jabbercam for example ../jabbercam/media/sounds

  • i 'm afraid the short answers in the two replies above, is not good enough to know what i should at this moment
    for the low level of understandment i have of this script right now and i m afraid i will ruin this badly

    Would it be possible you make a sort of overview with a brief desciption of the steps i 'll have to make for this one.

    Thank you

  • Hi mod

    you think you can make a step by step plan ?

  • I am sorry, we cannot spend time on this. By changing all names and folder references and being aware of the upper- and lowercase instances, I am sure you can do the changes you would like to achieve.

  • i think it is strange that when you buy software that there is no easy way to make it brandfree

    there is even no documentation or good support how to make it brandfree

    there should be a step by step list

  • There is a documentation, how to change/remove the brand of the script ( ). You are about to change the file structure, and I did post above, how to do it.

  • but what about point 5b-c, 6a-c, 7a-d

    Are they also described ?
    Renaming the directory won't do much for these points, i think ?

  • Yes, you can rename these too just don't forget to rename the .swf files.

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