Possible bug

  • I set up the script without modification. I'm trying to test it 3 computers, but it's difficult to connect to each other. My question is:
    When testing do I need lot of people or only 3 can work, because it's always saying connection time out.

  • This is an issue, we are struggling with now. Something changed and the connections got slow again.
    The main problem seems to be the synchronization. Either you do it real-time (this will kill your server) or in every N seconds (if N is to high, this will cause missed connections). With Red5 the sync is fast and without delays, so the software seems to be OK. What we will do as a first step is giving the option to fine-tune N and analyze the feedback.

  • do you mean I should use RED5 instead of stratus ? will that solve the issue ?

  • Yes and no.
    It will solve the issue with connection and you will have a fast-connecting video chat.

    The problem you will face will be Red5 server going down almost every day. For that we did not find a cure yet. Lots of users and hosting companies, we work with, tried to figure out the reason without success (nothing in the logs that indicates the problem). When we have an answer, we'll let you know on http://twitter.com/JabberCam

    If you find a way to monitor and keep Red5 up, that is the solution.

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