More website with same content

  • Hi

    i have a question.

    Is it possible to open a second site with your script which connects to
    another site of me with your script.

    In other words if I have 2 domains om 2 different server (thus 2 different

    And i want the people on the roulette on domainX be able to connect to
    people on domainY and vice versa.
    Is that possible with two and even more domains on different servers ?

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  • Yes, in your config.php use the same database, if they are on the same server, just leave the database details on the second site. If it is on another server, change localhost to your server name (where the initial database is). In this second case, don't forget to add access to the database from remote IP.

    $DB_HOST = "localhost"; //database host (server)

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