Preview my video is not working

  • Hi,

    I install chatrulette clone on I can successfully log-in and enable my cam (on my MAC I can see that green light indicating that camera is working is on) but on window ME I can't see video from the camera.

    On my mac I'm using latest version of flash + latest version of chatrulette software.

    Can someone check if functionality on your PC is working in same way?


    Additional items, which I find out:

    1. In camera drop down list I can see 3 cameras "DV Video" and 2 others
    2. By default is the "DV Video" camera selected (and that is OK)
    3. Camera starts to work in case I change selected camera from DV video to some other and then switch back to DV Video. After this double change, my camera starts to work correctly and it is shown in ME window as-well.

    Is it some code issue?


  • I think there are no problems with your chat. Try to click "Preview my video".
    In any case it works the same way on my own chat:)

  • well, I try that for sure ;)

    The chat is behaving in following way:

    • In case I did not do double change of camera source I can push "preview my video" as many times as I wish and still there isn't any video shown
    • Once I change the camera source to some different value and back to DV Video, my video is shown. Then when I hit "preview my video" green camera indicator blink, image freeze for 1 second and it is shown again. I can click as many times as I wish and still the video feed is shown.

    Interesting, hmm?

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