Default language selection

  • Hi,

    my users are from Slovakia mainly therefore I would like to change default language of the chat roulette to other value than english but is not possible to do it right now.

    Interesting enough is that when I change content of lang_en.xml file, still the system is loaded in english version.

    Can be the default language option added into next release of ChatRoulette?


  • Hi, if you change contents of lang_en.xml, clear your browser's cache before reloading CRC, that will help.

    Instead of removing (changing) lang_en.xml I would recommend creating a new lang_sk.xml and changing this line in config.php:

    $LANGUAGES = array("en"=>"English", "es"=>"Spanish", "cn"=>"Chinese", "de"=>"German", "it"=>"Italian", "fr"=>"French", "tr"=>"Turkish", "cz"=>"Czech", "ro"=>"Romanian", "hu"=>"Hungarian");

    $LANGUAGES = array("sk"=>"Slovak", "en"=>"English", "es"=>"Spanish", "cn"=>"Chinese", "de"=>"German", "it"=>"Italian", "fr"=>"French", "tr"=>"Turkish", "cz"=>"Czech", "ro"=>"Romanian", "hu"=>"Hungarian");

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