Could I use an FMS hosting service instead of stratus or red5?

  • Sorry for my english :-)

    Could I use an FMS hosting service instead of stratus or red5?

    I have problems with stratus. 11 users online and when I try to speak with someone after 2 sec disconnects and reconnects on its own. so I thought that buying a professional hosting I could solve the problem. What do you think?

  • It would be an expensive investment and I am not sure it is worth it. Calculate the setup and maintenance… I would recommend to wait until CRC 5.0 is released and give it a try.

  • Sorry? I don't understand … I bought an application that does not work yet? and I have to wait until version 5 comes out? ... The chat constantly disconnecting ... is not normal?! .. so, with this thing called the ChatrouletteClone, FMS does not work? ...?? is not normal ... 149$$? :@

  • The CRC video chat software is under constant development. Enhancement in both functionality and speed is part of the progress.
    You can change yourself the variables that handle the connection in, in version 5.0 will be much easier since these were moved to config.php (no need to recompile). A little fine-tuning (we are testing on and you can achieve significantly faster connection. Instead of using the default settings, you can fine tune, according to the number of users on your site and your server resources. If you set the status look-up delay to a lower value, the system will have more accurate list of users who are actually on-line and available. However, this will increase the number of queries (default value is 50). In case you would like to use 5.0 before final release, send a PM (including your e-mail address used at purchase) and an RC release will be mailed to you.

  • doesn't work!!

  • As I see it, the .ini files are missing, upload the files found in the last package.

    Use the attached .ini file for English, the Italian should be fine.

  • .ini?? language is alright! I have all the files I need .. the problems are more … always disconnect after a certain number of users ..! now also by HTTP error: Error # 1096 ... I'm sorry to say but this chat is full of bugs ..

    1096 solved. Database error.

  • If you don't install a language file, it is not a bug. If you don't set up the database or you don't install the the database tables, it is not a bug. Disconnecting from Stratus, that gives a HTTP error (rare) is not a bug either, it is due to lost connection. These are mistakes, not bugs and are in no way caused by the software, more likely there was a problem at installation (files, settings, required infos are missing).

    We just took a look at your website:

    10:51:30  Bear with us. JabberCam is putting Stratus under fire. Entering might take a while
    10:51:30  Success!

    • this means, the software is successfully connected to Stratus and that it's working

    • the language file for English is still missing or corrupted (please use the file attached in my previous message), this is why the texts are missing from buttons

    • vertical.html: 404 Not Found

    • seems that the connection stays alive, we tested for 8 minutes

    • disconnecting may be due to the other party pressing NEXT

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