Webcam video quality

  • Hi,

    the video quality of the webcam is rather low. I tried it with yahoo messanger and it's much better.

    What should I do?

  • Please, can someone answer?

    the quality of the caller is good. The one of the receiver is kind of bad. What can I do to improve the quality?

  • Click on "Preview My Video" on your window to change quality.

  • @'JabberCam':

    Click on "Preview My Video" on your window to change quality.

    I clicked on there but I can't see where I can change the quality.
    What should I click?

    Also just now I tried your online demo, both the one with stratus and the one using red5. The quality is definitely better (mine and the webcam of the other person).
    The one of my site has lots of aliasing, especially the one of the other peer.

    What can I do to solve this problem?

  • It may be due to lower speed. Just go over your window and you see the "Preview My Video" button to achieve superior quality.

  • @'JabberCam':

    It may be due to lower speed. Just go over your window and you see the "Preview My Video" button to achieve superior quality.

    You were right! If I click on preview the quality is much better.

    By the way, when is the final version of jabbercam 5 going to be released?
    does it have the same problem?

  • CRC 5.0 should be out since at least two weeks. We are having an issue with one of the requested features that makes the software more suitable for integration into social network and online dating websites. Most of the subscribers are asking me the same question and my answer is the same, I hope it is just a couple of days.

  • ok, I found the code. I see that it was a choice to make the quality worse if preview isn't called.

    if(btnPreview.selected && camera) {
    camera.setMode(320, 240, 15);

    if(!firstTimeCheckCamera && !cameraAllowed) {

    } else if(camera) {
    camera.setQuality(16384, 0);
    camera.setMode(160, 120, 15);

    Looking at the api specification of flash, wouldn't have it been better to just use camera.setQuality(0, 0); in order to let the bandwidth adapt everything?

    Another question: does the camera.setMode affect what the other peer sees or is it irrelevant and it just changes the client window?

    bandwidth:int — Specifies the maximum amount of bandwidth that the current outgoing video feed can use, in bytes per second. To specify that Flash Player video can use as much bandwidth as needed to maintain the value of quality, pass 0 for bandwidth. The default value is 16384.

    quality:int — An integer that specifies the required level of picture quality, as determined by the amount of compression being applied to each video frame. Acceptable values range from 1 (lowest quality, maximum compression) to 100 (highest quality, no compression). To specify that picture quality can vary as needed to avoid exceeding bandwidth, pass 0 for quality.

  • ehm can someone answer my last post?

    Also I bought the version with updates included, when I try to download from the link I received via mail, I still receive the version 4.5 and not the new Random Video Chat 5.0, what should I do?

  • @'':

    ehm can someone answer my last post?

    I have the same question: How to improve the image quality directly without to have to click on the preview button… I tried to change the code in the flex project with no result... ( I'm using Jabbercam V 4.5 )

    Thanks for your support

  • wonder why don't provide high quality video without "Preview My Video" button. this button makes user confused.

    same question: after "Preview My Video", will the other peer see my better quality video, or just I see better at my end?

  • The video quality will be better on both ends, the confusing button will be changed (added to list).

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