• Couple pived points.
    Please add a demo of the $19 version for comparison. It's miss leading to see the latest version ONLY.

    Installation could really be easier. Your instructions for importing this to Flash Builder is wrong. Took me 5 hours before finally getting the correct way to do import it on this forum.

    I opened it in Flash Builder made no changes and tried to export and got the error message saying "one or more errors found while trying to build the release version, Unable to export". I completely wasted hours and money.

    This chat solution can't be just for boy/girl as your only two options to choose from. I want it to my options to be "Pro Chef" / "Rookie Chef" as the random people to chat with. There's no way to change the boy girl options.

    I need to change the error messages to not say "Please reload JabberCam and start over" and remove the initial message "JabberCam is putting stratus under".

    I had no idea the credit's button would be there. I don't want it there. This is really why some folks just download the nulled version of scripts like this because 9/10 times you aren't getting what you paid for.

    After hours of jerking off with this thing, I've said the hell with it, I'll leave it as is. Now I keep getting the error message "Could not connect to backend services" and "HTTP error: Security error accessing url"

    Your instructions really seemed rushed with little detail.

  • The installation descriptions did work at the time 3.0 was released and we did not change anything in that package since. However, I'll take a look and try to make it more easy to understand.
    About the editing in Flash Builder 4, the post was written by a forum user and seemed to work until now for everyone:

    To change the options or the social buttons, edit config.php and lang_en.xml with any text editor, the same with the error messages.

    Most features/elements/buttons, can be hidden or removed by following these instructions:

    The error you are getting is a misconfiguration in config.php, you forgot to add the 'www', read this post:

  • Adding (www) worked fine, editing the .xml file also worked (thanks).

    I still can't get rid of the "Credits" button.

    Come on bro, do I really have to wait hours to get a response?
    There's no exporting this thing from Flash Builder, I import it MAKE NO CHANGES then try to export and I get the error message "one or more errors found while trying to build the release version, Unable to export".

    I'd be pulling my hair right now if I paid $99 for this. It will be a tough sell to get me to upgrade any new version if it's taking me over 24 hours to get this working.

  • Sorry for the delay, sometimes we don't work on weekends. Did you follow these steps for importing a Flex Builder 3 project into Flash Builder 4 ? *follow the instructions and the export should work fine

    If you have the $99 version (that should be 5.0 or newer) you don't need the above steps since the project was exported with Adobe Flash Builder 4 and it will import and export just fine (yes, with the $19 you may have a little struggle when using Flash Builder but the above steps are working just fine).
    In case you have a subscription, we always include the list of changes that makes upgrade pretty simple.

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