Is this possible???

  • I would like to view the chat roulette between 2 people - is this possible? Each cam area would be assigned the p2p connection so would I be able to view both cams?

    If not with p2p, how about if the connection is via Red5?

    In other words - it would act like a conference except the 3rd person would be able to text chat but only view the 2 cameras. Sort of like a conference mode?


  • It is possible, but this script (RVC 5.0) does not include such feature. To achieve that, you need to make some modifications to the original RVC.

  • Does this p2p modification in original RVC require use of FMS support or it allows username tracking which can be stored for both sender and receiver to establish peer to peer connection?

  • You can achieve the above with Cirrus (up to 8 connections at the same time) if you need to monitor all users, AFMS is required and I am not sure how would it work (bandwidth).

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