Open for others to view - More than 2 viewers?

  • I think in a P2P mode only the 2 users can see each others cameras and chat - correct me if I'm wrong please.

    However, if the connection is via Red5, can P2P be avoided and be forced into RTMP mode?

    If so, would other users going to the web page be able to watch the 2 video screens (and hear the audio) and participate in the chat area even if they are not using their camera?

    If not, what would be involved to change the JabberCam to do this - a sort of conference mode?

  • When using Red5, the connection is RTMP (audio-video data goes trough server, involving higher bandwidth usage), with Adobe Cirrus (Stratus) connections are p2p RTMFP (very low bandwidth usage). Red5 does not support RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol), there is a project called Blue5 ("Support for RTMFP is not available outside of FMS at this time. Follow the Blue5 project for more information.") but it is in development phase:

    The conference video chat is another project developed by with an unknown release date.

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