I cant install th esoftware on my server

  • The things i did are bolt

    **- Unzip ChatRouletteClone_n.n.zip

    • Upload the files located at /bin-release (CRC_Release_n.n.zip) to your server**
    • Create MySQL database and run /jabbercam/install.php (import /html-template/chatroulette_clone.sql)
    • Get an Adobe Stratus key (https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=stratus)
    • Edit: /jabbercam/config.php and insert your databease details
    • Rename ChatrouletteClone.html to index.html
    • Access http:// www.yourdomain.com and Enjoy!

    For the rest you lost me, I didnt find any jabbercam/install map
    I got that adobe stratys key but dont know what to do with that
    i must edit jabbercam/config.php which I cant find?!

  • After unzipping ChatRouletteClone_n.n.zip (RandomVideoChat_n.n.zip for versions 5.0+), you will find 3 files and a second ZIP archive, CRC_Release_n.n.zip (RVC_Release_n.n.zip). Unzip this archive to have the following files and folders:


    Upload these files to your server after editing /jabbercam/config.php
    After uploading the files, access your_domain.com and the CRC/RVC should load, to finalize the installation, run the following command: your_domain.com/jabbercam/admin.php?task=install

    reference: http://www.videosoftware.pro/forum/THREAD-Installing-JabberCam-RVC-5

  • I dont have this file JabberCam.swf and I have a playerproductinstall.swf and login/.php and license.pdf how can i edit config.php what is editing in this word

  • If you don't have JabberCam.swf but you have JabberCam_h.swf (and/or JabberCam_v.swf) everything is fine. The other files are not important (login.php is a basic sample to help implementation into social network sites).
    If you have the files you mention, just upload them to your server (the contents of RVC_Release_n.n ONLY!)
    To edit config.php, open it with a text editor (ex. notepad in windows).

  • its all Jabberish to me…is there a youtubevideo how to do this cause I pres son things and nothing is happening

    how do I edit this file when I press on it it just says the file already excists????

  • I found editing and now i see a lot of info…what must I do with that?

  • Insert the web service URL, Google app id (optional), database details, and cirrus key (if using cirrus):

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "WEB_SERVICE_URL/jabbercam/functions.php";		 // http://www.your_domain.com/jabbercam/functions.php
    $GOOGLE_APP_ID = "GOOGLE_MAPS_APP_ID";								// required for Google maps (to remove, read forum)
    /* Optional database configuration for Red5, used to install database tables (for Red5 database configuration read forum) */
    $RED5_DB_HOST = "localhost";			 //database host (server)
    $RED5_DB_USER = "dbuser";				//database username
    $RED5_DB_PASSWORD = "dbpassword";		//database password
    $RED5_DB_DATABASE = "databasename";	  //database name
    /* Optional database configuration for Stratus, not needed if Red5 is used */
    $DB_HOST = "localhost";				 //database host (server)
    $DB_USER = "dbuser";					//database username
    $DB_PASSWORD = "dbpassword";			//database password
    $DB_DATABASE = "databasename";		  //database name
    /* Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5) */
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus';											// 'Red5 or 'Stratus'
    /* if Stratus */
    $DEVELOPER_KEY = "ADOBE_CIRRUS_KEY";								 // your Adobe Cirrus (Stratus) developer key obtained from Adobe (read forum)

  • Must I put my domain name where stands yourdomainname?
    Database? how do I make one and how big etc where do i need a database for

  • $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "WEB_SERVICE_URL/jabbercam/functions.php
    ```should look like this:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "http://www.your_domain_here.com/jabbercam/functions.php

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