• My history with JabberCam:

    Monday (AM), Jan. 17, 2011: Purchased JabberCam with full source.
    Monday (PM), Jan. 17, 2011: Received links to download package.

    From then to now (Jan. 20, 2011):

    Installed raw installation to a test directory on my site - SUCCESSFUL
    Imported project source into Flash Builder 4 - SUCCESSFUL
    Made LOTS of customizations - SUCCESSFUL
    Tested modifications - SUCCESSFUL
    Protected swf file from disassembly - SUCCESSFUL

    All in less than 1 week, including PHP and other changes. I was a little skeptical because of a negative experience with a scam clone site but JabberCam delivered as promise - working FULL sources/project. Also, the documentation was nice and detailed.

    Thanks very much!!!


  • Thank you lessms! Can you please PM your link?

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