Installing and editing RVC 5+ PART1 (step by step description)

  • PHASE 1 - Installing the compiled RVC software to your server (RVC_Release)

    You will need:

    • access to a web server, including FTP account credentials (FTP username, FTP password, FTP host and on some servers FTP port)
    • access to create MySQL database (usually cPanel or similar) or MySQL database details (database name, database username, database password)

    You will also need ONE of the following (either one):


    1. download the latest RVC release form the download center

    2. extract the downloaded .zip archive
      *you will see four files: 5.n.fxp, README.txt, LICENSE.pdf and

    3. extract You will have a new folder called "RVC_Release_5.n" (ex. RVC_Release_5.2)

    4. upload the files from RVC_Release_5.n folder to your server. DO NOT upload anything else, just the files found in the RVC_Release_5.n folder!
      *to upload, use any FTP client like Filezilla, Total Commander or your local file explorer (ex. Windows Explorer)

      Step A.

      Windows Explorer

      FTP username:
      FTP password: demo
      FTP server:

      Step B.

      open the RVC_Release_5.n folder


      Step C.

      select all files

      copy to clipboard

      switch to the first Windows Explorer window

      paste the files

      open your domain

      you should see the Flash application loading

    5. after uploading the files to your server, open the /jabbercam folder, locate and edit config.php with a text editor (ex. notepad), the first part is relevant:

       * Configuration file for RVC 5.0+
       * You may want to edit /jabbercam/language/lang_??.ini
       * Help:
      /* Back-en location (exact location of functions.php on your domain |[folder]/jabbercam/functions.php */
      $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "WEB_SERVICE_URL/jabbercam/functions.php";		 //
      $GOOGLE_APP_ID = "GOOGLE_MAPS_APP_ID";								// required for Google maps (to remove, read forum)
      /* Optional database configuration for Red5, used to install database tables (for Red5 database configuration read forum) */
      $RED5_DB_HOST = "localhost";			 //database host (server)
      $RED5_DB_USER = "dbuser";				//database username
      $RED5_DB_PASSWORD = "dbpassword";		//database password
      $RED5_DB_DATABASE = "databasename";	  //database name
      /* Optional database configuration for Stratus, not needed if Red5 is used */
      $DB_HOST = "localhost";				  //database host (server)
      $DB_USER = "dbuser";					 //database username
      $DB_PASSWORD = "dbpassword";			 //database password
      $DB_DATABASE = "databasename";		   //database name
      /* Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5) */
      $SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5';										   // 'Red5 or 'Stratus'
      /* if Stratus */
      $DEVELOPER_KEY = "ADOBE_CIRRUS_KEY";								// your Adobe Cirrus (Stratus) developer key obtained from Adobe (read forum)
      /* if Red5 */
      $RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://';	// use your own rtmp, this temporary resource may be down 
      $RED5_CONNECT_URL_B1 = '';										  // backup server #1
      $RED5_CONNECT_URL_B2 = '';										  // backup server #2
      $RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT = 30;									// minutes
      // LOGIN PROCESS SETTINGS (turn on/off mandatory camera and username | values: true or false)
      $CAMERA_REQUIRED = true;				// 'true' or 'false'
      $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE = true;			// 'true' or 'false' (you may use login.php instead RVC 5.1+)
      $SOCIAL_BUTTONS_LOGIN_SCREEN = true;	// 'true' or 'false'
      • $WEB_SERVICE_URL is the EXACT location of the functions.php on your server.
        The "www." prefix is IMPORTANT since the included .htaccess file will rewrite all URLs to the www format! If you don't have a domain, just an IP address or you are using a sub-domain, don't use "www" but delete the .htaccess file.
        $WEB_SERVICE_URL should look like this:
        $WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; - when used on a domain
        $WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; - if used on a sub-domain
        $WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; - in case the chat is installed on your domain under the /chat folder -in case you have an IP address and not a domain
      • $GOOGLE_APP_ID , in case you wish to develop the map, sign up for a Google Maps API Key ( ) and insert the API key here (optional, not needed to start the chat).
      • $DB_HOST and $RED5_DB_HOST as well as the other six database settings are needed to connect to the MySQL database. You don't need to fill all eight values, choose between Red5 and Cirrus, than fill up the database details for the selected Flash media Server.
        *in cPanel, find the icon called "MySQL® Databases" and click it.
        1. under "Create New Database" type in your preferred database name (in our example "demodb") than click "Create Database", a new window will appear, showing: "Added the Database username_demodb" -where username is your cPanel username. Click "← Go Back"
        2. under "Add New User" type in a desired username and password (in our example "demousr" and "demopwd") than click "Create User", a new window will appear, showing: "Added user username_demousr with password demopwd." -where username is your cPanel username. Click "← Go Back"
        3. under "Add User To Database", select "username_demousr" and "username_demodb" than click "Add", select "All Privileges" and press "Make Changes".
        4. in our example, you will have a database called username_demodb, with a database username username_demousr and the demopwd password. In this case the database configuration in config.php would look like this:
        /* Optional database configuration for Stratus, not needed if Red5 is used */
        $DB_HOST = "localhost";			   //database host (server)
        $DB_USER = "username_demousr";		//database username
        $DB_PASSWORD = "demopwd";			 //database password
        $DB_DATABASE = "username_demodb";	 //database name
        ```*localhost remains in most cases or insert your mysql server name (IP)
        *don't forget, the username_ has to be replaced with YOUR cPanel username and demousr (etc.) with the names and password that you did choose!
      • $SERVER_TYPE is the flash media server of your choice. I recommend testing with Cirrus (Stratus), if it works, the software will (should) work also with Red5:
        /* Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5) */
        $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus';                                           // 'Red5 or 'Stratus'
      • $DEVELOPER_KEY the Adobe Cirrus developer key to access the RTMFP, provided by Adobe Cirrus Flash Media Server:
      • $RED5_CONNECT_URL your Red5 RTMP. Ask your Red5 hosting provider or read this post:
      • $RED5_CONNECT_URL_B1 and other backup RTMP are backup Red5 servers, if any (ask your admin).
      • $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE this should be set to "false" in case your RVC chat hangs while logging in:
        $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE = false;
        ```*you won't see the eventual error messages unless you set $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE to false, to interpret the messages, read here:
    6. save config.php on your server

    7. open your video chat in a browser (Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.) and check it again, the Flash application should load, (now certainly without popping up the login screen if you set $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE to false). Don't forget to empty the browser cache or reload the page while holding down the "Shift" key!
      *if you see the software, you're almost done, the last step is running the install script:

    8. install the database by typing in:
      *you should receive a success message. If the message is: "Tables already installed!", use this URL format:
      *if there is any error message, run this script:
      *if there is a MySQL or database access error, you messed up something when inserting the database name/user/pass or host. Ask your server admin.

    9. open your RVC/CRC video chat in a browser and enjoy!

    10. Important! The attached .php files and the database are nothing more but samples, to run the web service and admin tasks used by RVC. The sample scripts are not optimized nor secure. These simple, unsecured scripts may work but it is highly recommended to replace the samples with your own solution.

    PHASE 2 - Configuring the compiled RVC software on your server (RVC_Release)

    You will need:

    • access to a web server, including FTP account credentials (FTP username, FTP password, FTP host and on some servers FTP port)

    Editing the backgound image of the Flash application, the language files and the social network links:
    edit /jabbercam/language/lang_en.ini (or any other language fie) and make your changes. Here is a sample from lang_en.ini:

    # text|flag 
    defaultMacCamera=USB Video Class Video
    noMicrophone=No microphone available
    noCamera=No camera available
    myspaceButtonTooltip=Follow us on MySpace!
    facebookButtonTooltip=Follow us on Facebook!
    twitterButtonTooltip=Follow us on Twitter!
    buzzButtonTooltip=Google Buzz!
    welcomeMessage_0=Welcome to **JabberCam**, the **best ChatRoulette** alternative!
    ```**ALWAYS!** clear your browser's cache (or reload the browser while holding down the "Shift" key) to see the changes you made!
    *you can use some HTML tags in text messages
    **Editing the front page, colors and style:**
    edit **index.html** (read the relevant parts here: )
    edit **/jabbercam/stylesheet.css**
    **Changing sounds, images and other media files:**
    replace the files found in the directories under **/jabbercam/media/**
    **Installing RVC 5+ PART2 - Editing the Flash Sources (step by step description)**

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