Delays while connecting over Stratus

  • You may experience delays by connecting two users when configured to use Stratus. These delays are the result of the software trying to realize an initiated connection or waiting to close (just seconds).

    These settings (time and delay) can be configured in the source and you may find a better (optimal) solution by fine-tuning the connection. We did set the standard-minimum values that may not be the most optimal settings and you may be able to further optimize it. Please note, the delays cannot be too low since it would result in canceled connections for some users or an unstable connecting procedure.

    In further releases we will move these settings into the config files (now in the source) to make it available for those users who are unfamiliar with editing the flex project and flash sources.

    NOTE: with these settings, we achieved over 90% instant connection ratio. If you find a better setting than the default, don't hesitate to post it here, we will do the same.

  • Some known scenarios when you won't be able to connect:

    #1 everybody is engaged in a conversation: occurs with a low number of users online. With 20+ users, the chances are minimal (almost impossible with 100+ users online).
    The message you'll get:

    02:39:11> trying to find somebody…...
    02:39:11> connecting........
    02:39:11> All users are engaged in a conversation. Press NEXT, or check 'Auto FIND next'.

    or (when nobody online at the moment):

    02:39:49> trying to find somebody…...
    02:39:49> couldn't find anybody
    02:39:49> Press NEXT to look again.

    #2 some users online: it may occur with 10 (or less) users online. While refreshing takes just seconds, with a low number of visitors, the scenario is highly possible.
    Example: A, B and C is online (system will say 3 users(s) online), B is initiating connection with C, who presses NEXT. Meanwhile A gets the #1 message. Nobody will be able to connect despite of the fact, they are online. This scenario is highly possible with 5-8 people online since everybody will try to NEXT in less than two seconds (especially when testing). The message you'll get:

    02:51:09> trying to find somebody…...
    02:51:09> connecting........

    SOLUTION for testing: open a new browser (ex. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE) and access the same website (in this case: ). You will connect instantly, since you are not "NEXT"-ing yourself and #1, #2 is not possible.

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