version virgin

  • hi all i'm planning to do a virgin version of jabbercam like the one of no filters no speed date who can help i'd like to work with an older version of jabbercam but i only have access to the latest in my account who have an old version ?

  • Just send a message via the e-mail address used at PayPal purchase and I will send you version RVC 2.8 (former CRC) that works with Red5 without database. That is the fastest version we ever had because the lack of database.

    You can also wait for the upcoming CRC 0.1 that will bring something new (be aware that this is a new project, sold separately!)

  • it seems interesting when are going to release the CRC 0.1 and what's new on it please more details

  • The most important things are the simple (re-designed) source code and using the possibilities given by Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (RTMFP witout SQL database). As we expect this will bring superior connection speed (synchronization between data received from Cirrus AFMS and the local MySQL database won't be necessary, some status updates can be removed) and even lower server usage.

    We always stated that RVC runs on every server (that is true) but for handling MySQL queries with large numbers of online users, you may need some power under the hood. The new project will try to further lower this need for horsepower. This should be out in about a week but cannot promise anything without testing. For exact date of release, follow:

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