New instal but can't get passed login screen

  • Hi there.

    I've installed the latest version but when I click enter on the login screen nothing happens. The timer icon just stays there.

    Do you know why this is?

    I'm a web developer and set-up everything as described in the instal doc.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    J (Meeeee)

  • Edit /jabbercam/config.php and set $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE to false:

    ```*like this, you will see the given error.
    Possible causes:
    1\. database incorrectly set or tables not in installed (try
    2\. $WEB_SERVICE_URL incorrectly set, correct format:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";

    3\. Flash Media Server set to Red5 when Red5 RTMP is not available (try setting $SERVER_TYPE to Stratus):

    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus';

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