Directly set username and one-way connection

  • Hi All,

    My website offers a kind of e-learning services and particular courses where a teacher can give a course to a student through their webcams.
    I know when courses must start, and my users (both students and teachers) are authenticated to my website through wordpress.

    I would like to do the following things :
    1. To link the CRC authentication to the wordpress users system, and be able to pass directly to CRC the users names. I don't want that the users have to type their nickname because i need to track if the course has really occured (it implies that i log the begining and the end of the video conference).

    2. I would like to allow only one of the users (the teacher) to be able to launch the videochat. To be clear, i would have the ability to disable the "start" button for the student, and let only the teacher click on it.

    I didn't easily locate in the source code where i can implement these features. Do you have any hints to help me to get this features up and running ? ;-)

    Thank you and regards,

    – Mickael

  • This is hardly possible with RVC unless you modify the source code. You will find some help on how to start by editing the attached login.php sample in RVC 5.2

    <title>Login JabberCam</title>
    Auto Connect: 

    If you are not a programmer, a future software release at will solve this question (and some other).

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