RVC versions | Changelog

  • Random Video Chat (RVC) Changelog (version number can be found in JabberCam.mxml)

    Version 5.9 RVC

    • fixed vertical mxml
    • fixed css errors
    • fixed default scrollbar
    • fixed /html-template
    • added missing language files

    Version 5.8 RVC

    • connection speed enhanced by reordering the connection method (thanks!)
    • auto NEXT is active by default
    • superior default video quality
    • all branding links moved to language files

    Version 5.7 RVC

    • main application modified to change size with video window
    • new size fits facebook and smaller boxes (< 465*360), larger designs made simple by changing two variables
    • settings panel divided and modified to fit smaller designs
    • background transparency fixed

    Version 5.6 RVC

    • random usernames are generated to avoid "Anonymus" message and "Connect to user ID" issues
    • username can be changed at or after login
    • username moved to own window
    • a new slider was added to change broadcast video quality (min. 50)
    • default background is transparent, BgImage1 removed
    • minor changes on settings panel
    • fixed bug: Russian language does not fit buttons
    • fixed bug: no sound when using Buzz!
    • fixed bug: missing own username ("Me") when $LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE = false;
    • fixed bug: empty lines in text ads
    • fixed bug: welcome messages missing

    Version 5.5 RVC

    • language files reorganized and simplified
    • both (horizontal and vertical) layouts modified to use new language files
    • vertical layout and css design modified

    Version 5.4 RVC

    • vertical layout modified to fit version 5.3+

    Version 5.3 RVC

    • changed horizontal design, some elements moved
    • settings panel reviewed and changed

    Version 5.2 RVC

    • fixed bug, missing username when using login screen
    • fixed bug, text advertisement running forever
    • minor changes in JabberCam.mxml

    Version 5.1 RVC

    • introduced uname, pname and uconnect variables for social network and website implementation (see: login.php)
    • text advertisement can be insterted from /jabbercam/media/text/adtext.txt
    • chat window notification for mute sounds
    • social buttons moved to login screen with config option to disable
    • fixed language loader

    Version 5.0 Random Video Chat (former CRC)

    • a brand new, siple yet powerful GUI was designed for version 5.x
    • a new .mxml file was created with comment-separated sections
    • most style elements were removed from the .mxml and moved to separate CSS file
    • all .xml language files moved to "easyer to edit" .ini files
    • most filters and settings moved to the new "Settings" tab
    • help tab created for including help.html
    • google map integration for helping map related deveplopment
    • admin(config.php) configurable blur was added to partner window to make chat more interesting and help avoid unwanted content
    • second "ban" button was added to help keeping the chat "clear"
    • partner window now viewable in full screen
    • added button to mute all system sounds, including buzZ!
    • "connected to" messages fixed
    • added user and partner info panels with basic information
    • connection-related settings were fine tuned to achieve better connection while using a database
    • multiple (reported) bugs fixed

    Chatroulette Clone (CRC) Changelog

    Version 4.5

    • A pre-release, containing some parts of the last 4.x version and parts of version 5.0
    • Multiple changes, not production ready.

    Version 4.4

    • Stratus connection was reviewed and fixed, connection speed significantly enhanced

    Version 4.3

    • A new variable was introduced for closing the session if the server doesn't receive a response
    • Changes in connection handling
    • Minor changes in the script

    Version 4.2

    • Minor changes in the design
    • Changes in folder structure and config file

    Version 4.1

    • The login screen (asking for username) can be removed from config.php
    • The mandatory camera can be turned off from config.php
    • admin.php?task=cleanAllOlder does a less aggressive clean in the database

    Version 4.0

    • Two fully customizable (custom) filters
    • New login screen with ures friendly access
    • Webcam required option is enhanced and moved after login
    • "Connected to PARTNERNAME" is displayed after connection
    • Direct connection to known username
    • User and partner GeoIP detection
    • GeoIP .csv database importer added
    • Introduced "Connected to PARTNERNAME from LOCATION"
    • Seperate database for Red5 and Stratus (set config.php)
    • New admin.php is testing the rtmp used
    • New app for Red5 (JabberCamApp)
    • Swithed completely to Flash Builder 4 (FB3 projects dropped)

    Version 3.9

    • Camera and Nickname are mandatory at start up
    • changed ChatrouletteApp to produce less logs

    Version 3.8

    • actionscript moved to a separete file to help creating multiple layouts
    • SpeedChat is now activated with a single click (with configurable options)
    • SpeedDate is now activated with a single click (with configurable options)
    • added banned IP management to admin.php (ban, allow, list banned), usage:
    • added bad words filter with auto correct (edit /jabbercam/badwords.php)
    • age filter values (age groups) moved to config.php
    • auto next values (timing) moved to config.php
    • fixed leave function when Auto FIND next is selected

    Version 3.6 & 3.7

    • added language (contry) filter with flags
    • minor changes on the style

    Version 3.5

    • horizontal and vertical layots canged
    • mxml files changed, now both editable from the same project
    • file structure organized
    • html files re-created to replace temporary solution in version 3.4

    Version 3.4

    • html and css files changed to use both horizontal and vertical layouts
    • new vertical layout introduced with ability to switch back to 3.3 horizontal layout
    • important bugfixes in filters

    Version 3.3

    • /jabbercam/media/video/blankscreen/ folder for random video ads created, place your custom .swf here
    • /jabbercam/language/lang_es.xml added
    • modified CharRouletteApp for Red5

    Version 3.2

    • added support for random video ads using the idle video windows
    • Chatroulette Clone project is ready for Flash Buider 4

    Version 3.1

    • NEXT button simplified, one click instead of doubleclick
    • STOP button reintroduced with new functionalities
    • "auto NEXT (sec)" changed to activate the STOP button while conected
    • countown timer added to "auto NEXT (sec)" and STOP button
    • added configurable minimum connection time
    • added SpeedDate feature (SpeedDate functionality) with combining and enhancing "auto NEXT (sec)" and minimum connection time
    • added support for primary and secondary backup media server (Red5)
    • added server down alert
    • added tooltips for BgImage changers in XML
    • language selections and languages moved to XML
    • "preview my video" enhanced to accept command during the sessions
    • admin.php created with install, re-install, clean and test functions

    Version 3.0

    • connections rebuilt to achieve instant connections over Stratus
    • the connection delays are now set to a standard-minimum
    • added username (nickname) support
    • added sounds, alerts and voices
    • added Buzz button with sound
    • added camera filter
    • system messages moved inside the text-input box
    • layout minimized and optimized for easy inclusion
    • index page changed to a light, CSS driven HTML frame

    Version 2.9

    • added user ban/user report feature (report/ban this user)
    • added user filtering feature (do not connect to this user for 15 minutes)
    • introduced Red5 database support for user handling

    Version 2.8

    • new and powerful V3 (test) layout
    • fixed "Auto FIND next"
    • fixed no partner found issues on start-up websites

    Version 2.7

    • improved Red5 support
    • ability to chose between Stratus(default) and Red5
    • added AutoStart
    • clear textinput window after send is pressed
    • clear video vindow after connection is closed
    • other small fixes

    Version 2.6

    • added support for Red5 Open Source Flash Server
      Not puplished for download (Changelog not added)

    Version 2.5

    • Social Network links moved to XML
    • toolTips moved to XML

    Version 2.3

    • "Auto Find NEXT" bug fixed
    • install.php is back

    Version 2.1 and 2.2

    • further enhancement and a hotfix to connection handling

    Version 2.0

    • connection handling reviewed, several fixes included that bring enhanced and faster connecting
    • most texts moved to lang_en.xml (all texts will be moved)
    • user reporting delayed due an error in the concept
    • Red5 support delayed from 2.0 due to slow performance

    Version 1.9

    • added the SpeedChat feature: partner will be skipped automatically after (5,10,.. seconds)

    Version 1.8

    • browser detect: the language is selected automatically, based on the browser language (if language available)
    • HotKeys added: F7=Find/Next F8=Leave
    • settings removed from language files (moved to config.php)
    • install.php for re-creating database tables
    • age selector alerts changed (short alerts)
    • 3 additional background images and buttons added
    • microphone and speaker auto volume fixed
    • connect with JabberCam (structure changed for compatibility with JabberCam) 3.x

    Version 1.7

    • ability to change the background during runtime (3 images per language + change imageset per language)
    • added Facebook ready layout
    • added HotKeys for easy UI
    • age selector for user and partner (age groups)

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