How stable is CRC when using Red5?

  • First of all I don't see why we are speaking here about JabberCam and CRC. In fact I don't see a difference.

    On the other hand I start to understand nothing about this script. But I'll try if someone from CRC helps me.

    Which are the differences between JabberCam and CRC ?

    Are both of them working with Stratus and Red5 as a backup if Stratus doesn't work?

    Then if I'm going to buy CRC do I get all the sources? WIth Flex project etc…? Do I get any invoice ?

    Can someone provide me a document with the architecture of the system and some diagrams to see how does the system work?

  • JabberCam is powered by CRC (same thing, no difference).
    CRC is working with Stratus or Red5 it is a setting in the config.php. You may change it to work with bot, but we don't see any reason to do so. 100% of the sources are included in the package (PHP, Flash sources and Flex project). This is a private team, no company.
    This is how Stratus works (Red5 is similar):

  • Thanks. Unfortunetly I've deployed my own version of Red5 but it doesn't seems to work. Mybe I'm setting something wrong. The error message is that CRC can't connect to Red5 using rtmp.

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