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  • Hi I have commisioned a developer to reskin my Jabbercam files, but he is claiming that they dont work. I sent him the original flex project that came with the purchase, 4.5.

    This is what he has said

    "I have been debugging this version for last 3 days, something is wrong in this version, the language file loads but take lot of time to do it. I tried xml, ini files but it's not the languge file it's the loading code. Are you sure this version you sent me is not a beta version or bugged one. Please send me the most stable version that supports vertical layouts"

    I have asked for some explination but all he says is that the files are broken, could somebody give me some advice on this?

    This project is starting to run well over deadline so any help would be great.

    To be fair to him I compiled a new version from the flex project myself using flash builder 4 and the vertical one does not work properly.
    But the horizontal does.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi, RVC 4.5 is a BETA script, a transition between the versions prior to 4.4 and version 5.0. The compiled software in that package is version 4.4 and the source code is 4.4 with some additions from upcoming 5.0 (this is why it has both .ini and .xml files).

    Version 4.5 is not intended for production ready websites unless you know what are you doing (programmer). If you have a subscription, please use version 5.0 if not, version 4.4. The 5.0 layout is still included and you can use that if you wish. Please send a PM with your PayPal address so I can locate your account and tell more about your options.

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