Nudity detection

  • I'd like to know if you are working on the biggest Issue for us: the problem of automatically detect masturbation/penis and ban or send the user to a specific landing page. How long will it take you to solve that problem?

  • I don't see a bulletproof solution for such detection. Some of the reasons:

    • the video quality, over the random video chat is determined automatically by the internet connection speed, different users will broadcast with different quality. Low quality won't allow any kind of precise detection.
    • the face and smile detection techniques, used on high resolution point and shoot cameras are possible due to the high picture quality (focus, resolution, etc), where certain details are detectable with a high success ratio. This is not possible with low or average detail.
    • the face detection detects some points that are more than likely present on every face (for example eyes, nose, mouth). If these shapes are present in a certain position from each-other, it is more than likely a face. Smile detection will detect shapes and certain colors. This is much harder to achieve with a body part, where is only skin and the angle is also very different in each case.

    I am not saying that a body-part detection is not possible, I just don't see the (barely calculation, no database -based) solution with the average video quality. In case there was a picture/shape database to compare with, that would make sense but this is not the case here.

    Possible solution is the face detection
    The software is detecting faces (this is possible with the average quality, most users have) and if the video signal does NOT transmit a face, the user gets banned or redirected. This solutions leaves some open questions though: what if there are more people or somebody is showing his profile, …

  • Hey there.. I tried out this API from for nudity detection and it really worked good for me.If you are really finding solution for nudity detection i suggest you to try this guys out.

  • Thank you, we will test this API in the near future. If it works, an optional account implementation will be added to either RVC or SVC video chat and RVC Open Source.

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