• Hello, I'm trying the version, but I have this unsolved issue:
    11:19:30> Entering. Please stay patient…............
    11:19:30> Bear with us. JabberCam is putting Stratus under fire. Entering might take a while
    11:19:31> unable to connect to rtmp://
    11:19:31> Could not connect to backend services. Error message:
    11:19:31> Disconnected from server
    11:19:31> Please reload JabberCam and start over.

    Please can you help me to run the app for evaluate it? it is on


  • You are trying to connect to the rtmp hosted at that is down at the moment. Edit /jabbercam/config.php and change the server type to Stratus (and the other settings if you did not):

    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus';

    $RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://';
    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";

    *if you would like to use Red5 please change the rtmp to your own Red5 server or give us a short time until server #2 is up again.

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