Language files for RVC 5.6 translations are welcome

  • Dear JabberCam team,

    1. In my server, there are 4 folders each of them contains language file and config.php file? Do I need to put "lang_mn.ini" into them and modify all "config.php" files ?




    1. Is it right to upload same language file (lang_mn.ini) into the above 4 folders? Are all “config.php” files are same in above 4 folders?

    2. Please tell me how to make Mongolian language as default language?

    3. I have edited “Language settings” in config.php opening it in notepad and saving it as notepad after that I have changed “.txt” extension by “.php”. Is it ok?

    4. How can I translate RVCS version? I didn't find any language file in RVCS folders?

    5. When I tested my jabbercam with my friend in Mongolia, it is saying that he is connecting from “Somewhere”, how can I make it to show "connecting from Mongolia”?


  • Hi JabberCam.

    1. I have found that some UI phrases are not translatable as shown in below screen shots.

    2. Another problemis when my jabbercam is opened by EI, Mongolian language is not being selected. But in Chrome and Firefox, it is being selected.


  • 1. ~www is a symlink, the same as public_html
    2. you need to add your language file in every RVC instance if $WEB_SERVICE_URL is different, ex:

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";		//

    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; //

    4\. as long as the filename is config.php, it is OK
    5\. RVCS does not have language files (it is a new project). It is editable with Adobe Flash Builder 4
    6\. www . your domain .com/jabbercam/admin.php?task=importIp
    * * *
    Some translations are set in config.php (ex. custom filters: Location, Looking for) some are not moved into language files yet (mostly system messages that don't really need translation). To translate these, you need to edit the source:

  • HEllo JabberCam,

    Where I can find and translate the words "Start' and "Switching" of RVCS UI?

    I couldn't find these words in RVCS0.2.fxp file while I could find and translate the words "initializing", 'Stop", "Settings".

    Please help me to find and translate these words


  • Editing RVCS is the same as editing RVC, please read this post: -Installing-and-editing-RVC-5-PART2-step-by-step-description
    To find a text use "Find" or "Find in Files", the texts you are looking for are located in, around line 235:

    crc function onManagerStatusChanged(event : PropertyChangeEvent) : void {
    	if( == "status") {
    		if((manager.status & Status.CONNECTED_TO_PEER) >> 4) {
    			startBut.label = "Next";
    		} else if(((manager.status & Status.STARTED) >> 3) && (manager.status & Status.CALLING)) {
    			startBut.label = "Searching";
    		}  else if(!((manager.status & Status.STARTED) >> 3) && (manager.status & Status.READY)) {
    			if((manager.status & Status.CONNECTED) >> 2) {
    				startBut.label = "Again";
    			} else {
    				startBut.label = "Start";
    		trace("onManagerStatusChanged: ", manager.status, event.oldValue, startBut.label);
    ```*not PHP code

  • Hi,

    Thank you a lot, Jabbercam,

    I have found these words in "". Before I was looking for them "CRC.mxml"


  • Hello JabberCam,

    I have fully translated and edited RVC 5.4 into my language successfully using FB and language files.

    But, I'm facing some problem with CRC 0.1 to translate. I have translated and edited UI texts of CRC 0.1 by importing fxp file into FB, have uploaded the exported swf file into my server. There were not any error. But the translated text of left button is not being changed from Mongolian version of "Initiliazing" to Mongolian "Start", "Next", "Again", "Switching" in every stage of session.

    Please help me what is wrong? I'm almost finishing what I wanted to customize thank's to your support.

    If I don't edit it, you can see it going to


  • clear browser cache and reload after every change

    here is the screenShot

  • Hello JabberCam,

    As you see in your attachment, "Унш.." means "Initializing". When 2 people connected it still shows "Унш.." instead of "Next" which is "Дараах" in Mongolian. There is never shown the words "next", "again", "switching", "searching", all the time the button says "Унш.." in Mongolian which means "Initializing"


  • I see "Дараах" after connected … and there is sound.

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