Jabbercam 3.0 questions

  • 1. On Jabbercam.com the Autostart feature is on - when I enter the website I get connected to comeone immidiately. How can I turn on this feature on my website (i need to press "next" to get connected)?
    2. About "filter" and "report" buttons. They are placed in the chat window - not very comfy. Maybe if they could be moved under "Credit" and "Leave" buttons - it would be more effective.
    Also, as I understand correctly, the "filter" button works as "ignore this user, switch to the next one and don't connect to this first user"?
    3. Country filter - I saw it in the demo version, but then you removed it. Why? Will it be back in the future?
    4. Also I didn't understand these new features:
    Chatroulette Widget (3rd Party)
    Facebook integration (wg)
    Wordpress Integration (3rdP)
    Joomla integration (3rdP)
    Blogger integration (3rdP)
    Could you please give more information? :) Thanks!

  • 1. There is a START/GO button in CRC that is hidden and the connection is automatic. If you have the NEXT button showing up, means that your site is connected to the server. The reason why you get connected on JabberCam without pressing NEXT is because there are more people online who are searching for a partner. Since you are connected by default, they are able to find you instantly so you don't have to start looking.
    2. Yes, that is true. The buttons will be placed and re-designed soon. We didn't see any reason for rush on this matter since we have 20-500 visitors. You're correct about the user filter functionality.
    3. The country filter may be back around version 4.x
    4. Most of these features were not created by us or were created with 3rd party help. Later on we created similar features (Facebook page and Widgetbox widget) but they were first introduced by someone else ;)

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