Main differences between RVC (5.4) and RVCS (0.2)

  • Both software are random video chat that connect people randomly for audio-video chat sessions. Here are the main differences:


    • language support
    • several filters (age, sex, language) to search for specific partners
    • two configurable filters (can be anything, location and looking for by default)
    • support for username
    • GeoIP detection (partner's location)
    • user filter (don't connect me to this user for N seconds)
    • user report/ban feature to avoid certain behavior
    • buzz! button with sound and other system sounds that can be muted
    • automatic NEXT, configurable Sped Date and Speed Chat
    • direct connection to given username
    • ready to be implemented into existing website with user database
    • configurable help window and ready for specific Google maps
    • uses MySQL database
    • exchangeable backgrounds
    • horizontal and vertical layouts
    • works with Flash Player 10+
    • demo:


    • it is simple, nothing else but random video chat
    • more suitable for strict video roulette websites
    • no need for any database
    • video windows are resizable and movable
    • demo:
    • works with Flash Player 10.1+

  • SVC

    • up to 10x faster connecting than RVC/RVCS (3x faster for versions prior to 0.9)
    • up to 60% less server loads compared to RVC
    • facebook implementation including username, sex, age, location, birthplace, status, and more
      (RVCS has no facebook implementation, RVC can get the username only)
    • multi-language (translations)
    • dozens of skins and designs (this is possible with RVC/RVCS as well, with SVC some are included)
    • draw on screen:
    • turnkey chatroulette clone:
    • SVC-SR is simple, nothing else but random video chat, most features are automated
    • more suitable for strict video roulette websites
    • has free version to test on your server:
    • can connect to public resources (instant users)
    • enhanced reporting and banning with instant blur and post-processing
    • demo:
    • works with Flash Player 10.1+

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