Domain name & web page


    I have purchased your product "RVC Video Chat Source Code + Updates + Remote" and downloaded all files.

    I have got my Cirrus Developer Key. I will send it to you via email after I get web hosting service, I have not yet get it, I will get it next Monday.

    Please help me (not IT guy) to make clear below issues:

    1. When you install me my own jabbercam, how it will look like? Do I need to have someone create some web page for jabbercam, or it will be done by you when you install my chat?

    2. I have not yet decided my domain name. Is it possible to change the domain name after the chat installed with some temporary domain name available for me at the moment?

    3. Am I right that my jabbercam will be white label and I can run my own advertisement?


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