Installation in Red5 Shared hosting server

  • I decided to use a shared hosting server for Red5, so I would like to understand the steps in this case.

    I use release 2.8 as per your recommendation in order to avoid mysql issues installation with Red5.

    1- I gave instructions to the hosting support to upload \ChatRouletteClone_2.8\ChatRouletteClone\Red5_serverapp\deploy_app\ChatrouletteApp as a zip folder to red5/webapps

    2- I changed config.php from ChatRouletteClone_2.8\ChatRouletteClone\html-template\jabbercam\config.php to modify the following code
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5'; // 'Red5' | 'Stratus'

    $RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://';
    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "";

    the rest remains as is because we do not need mysqldatabase (red5 instead of Stratus) right?

    3- I upload ChatRouletteClone_2.8\ChatRouletteClone\html-template to the "public_html" directory
    Question: In this folder there aren´t any ChatRouletteClone.swf. Why? If we need to copy this file from other folder. Where can we find it?

    4- In order to make some little customization (i.e some button name) what files do we have to change? Only the flex file or we need to make some changes in Java files.

    5- If we want to use release 3.0 instead of 2.8 what specific additional steps we need to follow (remember that we are using shared hosting server provider)


  • Yes, everything seems to be correct (be aware of the rtmp, your host may send you an IP) like:

    I would recommend you to create the database and run domain/jabbercam/install.php than for a quick test change the server type to 'Stratus':
    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus';
    and access your domain. It should work fine so you will know, the software is ready. Now change back the server type to 'Red5'. If the rtmp link is working, you should be able to connect instantly.

    You don't have to use /html-template, that is a source folder. Use the contents of the /bin-release folder. If you need to change texts, simply edit /jabercam/language/lang_en.xml

    If your host is ready to install the JDBC driver for you, you may go ahead with Red5 and CRC 3.0. If you Google a bit, you will find hundreds of webmasters struggling with setting up the mysql connector for Linux. We are able to set it up correctly but we don't have the bulletproof solution yet.
    Please note, this is not a problem with the software nor Red5. It is just a pain to create a stable server. We could easily go around this problem by using PHP instead of Java but we are aiming for the real solution not the quick one.

  • I did it and with Stratus everything is OK. But with Red% I got a screen as attached.

    Only this message appears:

    0:17:47> Entering. Please stay patient…............
    00:17:47> Bear with us. JabberCam is putting Stratus under fire. Entering might take a while

    I received from my hosting provider the rmtp as follows
    I do not know why they change to xxxxApp021. It does matters?
    My config file is:

    $DB_HOST = "localhost";
    $DB_USER = "atorrado";
    $DB_PASSWORD = "********+";
    $DB_DATABASE = "atorrado_speed";

    $SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5'; // 'Red5' | 'Stratus'

    $RED5_CONNECT_URL = "rmtp://my-domainname/ChatrouletteApp021";
    $WEB_SERVICE_URL = "/jabbercam/functions.php";
    $DEVELOPER_KEY = "";

    if(isset($_GET["settings"])) {
    header('Content-type: text/xml');
    echo '<settings><servertype>'.$SERVER_TYPE.'</servertype>';
    if($SERVER_TYPE != 'Red5') {
    echo '<webserviceurl>'.$WEB_SERVICE_URL.'</webserviceurl>'.
    } else {
    echo '<red5connecturl>'.$RED5_CONNECT_URL.'</red5connecturl>';
    echo '</settings>';

    So, where is the mistake?

  • It seems like the rtmp is not accepting the connection. Please use the ChatrouletteApp packaged with 2.8 and it should work fine there, we tested it before. I'll send the app again (you know it'll take time) and test see if it works.

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