I'm very dissatisfied with audio quality.

  • Hello JabberCam,

    1. In RVC 5.4 , audio is not working in every session, sometimes there is no any audio. Why is that?

    2. In RVCS 0.3, the audio quality is pretty good but, it is always interrupted, how can I decrease this audio interruption?

    3. An another big problem is, when partner types text in RVCS 0.3, "Next" button is automatically pressed and starts to search an another partner. Even sometimes, it starts to search further when nobody clicked next. How can I fix this problem?

    Please suggest me how to improve audio quality and decrease this interruption, audio quality is a big problem. I have never doubted in jabbercam's audio quality, thinking that audio uses less resources than video streaming and when I visit www.jabbercam.com the video quality was not bad. Unfortunately I couldn't test its audio because every-time when I visit www.jabberCam.com there were only naked stupid guys and they didn't talk to anyone just masturbate themselves.

    I'm very dissatisfied with audio quality. :huh:


  • About automatic next, in CRC.as find private var _autoNextTime and change it after your preference:

    public var autoNext : Boolean = true;
    private var _autoNextTime : int = 9;
    private var _autoNextTimer : Timer;
    ```*use something like 600
    About the audio quality, this issue is NOT related to the software, you cannot do much about it before AFP 10.3 final release. Read more here: http://www.videosoftware.pro/forum/THREAD-Confused-RCVS-RCV-CRC?pid=1509#pid1509
    * * *
    I did check your domain and there is sound, with a lot of acoustic echo (read above) but it definitely has audio. If you don't get it working it is either your internet connection, hardware or your Flash Player plugin.

  • hi,

    Echo is ok, I understood. How can I fix an audio interruption when people are connected?

    Thank's for your open-handed support.


  • I just described above. Thanks!

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