Security issue

  • Dear JabberCam,

    Concerning the security, are below permissions right for directories?

    public_thml: 0770 ?
    public_ftp: 0755 ?
    cpanel : 0700 ?
    .htpasswds 0750 ?
    services 0777 ?


    Thank's for an advice.


  • For this, you'll need to consult your server (hosting) support. Here is a quick help regarding web server permissions and access rights on Linux/Unix:

  • Dear JabberCam,

    I understand that I and the server admin have full responsilbilty for the security issue on the server. I have consulted with my server admin and he explained that there are some files and folders that are created by third party or by the web. So, he said he can’t set the permission for directories without knowing concretely which directories must be open for executing or writing.

    So please tell me the name of the directories that must be open for executing and writing. For all other directories, I will ask my server admin to set the permission.

    Sincerely Yours

  • With RVCS, the /services directory has to be RW (0777) to create the /files folder. In RVC, there is no need for RW folders nor files.

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