Flex SDK Error

  • Hi,

    I have the latest version of the JabberCam software (5.4), as well as Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.

    When I followed the instructions to import 5.4.fxp, the error I get (preventing me from doing anything) is Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex 3.5".

    How do I fix this? I'm very unfamiliar with Adobe Flash Builder / Flex, so a step-by-step guide would be helpful.


  • Try removing AFB and reinstalling it.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fast response. Reinstalling Adobe Flash Builder didn't fix the problem, I still get the error in the bottom of the program.

    EDIT: I went into AFB's properties area and changed the Flex Compiler SDK setting to 3.6. The error has gone away. I'll see if it works when I export! :)

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