Gett ing the user (id/ip/account)

  • Hello
    I was wondering if the following is possible within the software:

    I would like to include the chat in a own login/account system & directly show profile data of a logged in person/chatter. (outside of the flash area)

    Is it possible to obtain the current user (in any way) directly from the flash/playerfile? to a outside variable (id/ip or account)

    So when people switch to a rondom next person i can also swich directly the account info of these 2 persons outside the flash tot the new person.

    Can this be done within the current software (buildin) or bij modifying php (or is flash editing needed ) ?

    i could not find any clear indication on the site or forums off this option is possible.

  • I am not sure I understand it correctly but it seems it would be better to do the other way: log in users with your system and pass user data into the RVC (Flash). You have a sample for that (login.php) or a safer solution here:

    If you go the other way (you actually have both the IP and the session data, you can pass it to php), to pass the IP, you need to edit the source. If you're not familiar, just take a look, how the BAN button is saving the user's IP into the MySQL database. Again, I am not sure what your goal is, this is how to have both the IP and the user-session info.

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